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Gift Packing - Hobby Classes

For displaying your prowess, why don’t you go for our gift packing hobby classes? Irrespective of the type of the gift, you can now learn the techniques of how to pack the same, and can redefine the joyous moments. Make sure that you have learnt the techniques suitable for the gifts of all shapes and sizes.


Our course syllabus provides you with the lessons on gift packing technique with ribbons and so on. Also, you get to learn how to make bows of different types. Provide a personalized texture according to your gift, and learn the techniques for uneven items as well.

Learn the techniques with gift wrapping paper and other materials within 1 day. Check out our timings as 10.30am to 1.30pm and 2pm to 5pm. With material, we ask for the service charge of a mere Rs. 3,000. Learn every technique that suits your gift shape ranging from bottle to cylindrical and so on.


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